The Queen: Michelle

The Queen: Michelle
I am 28 years old. Still a princess but the queen of my family. Spoiled beyond belief. Lucky and truely blessed. A lover. A crafter. A mother. A wife. A friend. This is me.

My King: Junior

My King: Junior
The LOVE of my life! He completes me and balances me out in every way. He's a workaholic. He's loud, blunt, and crazy. He drinks Monsters like his life depends on it. Above all he is the greatest Daddy I could ever ask for, for my children. And he treats me like his Queen (and he calls me that too).

The Model Child: Diego Ray

The Model Child: Diego Ray
9 years old. My only boy. He is the epitome of the perfect child. He is so responsible and independent. Wise beyond his years. He is laughter, he is love, he is compassion, he is simply amazing. He keeps me grounded and reminds me always that I am beautiful. He is a natural born leader and takes care of the household and family better than me!

The Diva: Alayna Danae

The Diva: Alayna Danae
7 years old. She is drama. My fashionista for sure with a style all her own. Sensitive and loving when she wants to be. Thumbsucker. My biggest headache because she is the most like me. She is the only one who can cause me to become uncontrollably angry. She loves to dance. She loves to model. My bookworm and most academic.

The Wild Child: Arielle Marie-Grace

The Wild Child: Arielle Marie-Grace
4 years old. This one is something else. She is pure comedy. Never a dull moment with her crazy antics. She is also the crybaby. She does things her own way. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to be cute to get it. My Disney loving pal. So girly. Her favorite color is pink. Loves Rapunzel. Will wear a dress every single day. Can't leave the house without a bow in her hair. She refuses.

The Munchkin: Atalie Belle

The Munchkin: Atalie Belle
2 years old. My sweet baby. She loves her Mommy above all else. She is a cuddlebug for sure. The calmest most well behaved baby ever! But she has TONS of energy. She is so small and petite. She loves to sing and dance. She so SO ready for ballet and has yet to even step foot in a class. She loves Minnie Mouse and watching Disney Jr. She is hilarious and talks way too much.
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Monday, August 18, 2008


Ok so our computer is working again and peace in restored to our household. Yay.

So let's backtrack... two weeks ago today... Diego started Kindergarten! Yay! It was a very emotional day for him and I. I can best tell you with pictures...

He must have been anxious because he was awake at 7:00am when I walked in to wake him up! Not normal. He jumped in the shower to get ready for his first day.

Meanwhile, I prepared his lunch. He's always seen in cartoons that the characters take their lunch to school so he bugged for a lunch box so I can make him lunch everyday.

So I packed it in his brand new lunchbox and he was so excited.

After he showered and dressed he brushed his teeth. Even though I told him that he should eat breakfast first and THEN brush his teeth. But what do I know. He's 5 and knows better than me I guess.

Then he had to put on his cologne because he can't go anywhere without smelling good. Trust me he has a panic attack if he forgets... lol.

His cologne of choice - Cars of course!

Then he posed for me so I could get a good look at my not so little boy. Wow.

Here he is showing me his brand new shoes. He loves them cuz they have skulls. Somehow that makes them cooler.

Then breakfast to make sure he started his day off right. A poptart and milk and he was a happy camper.

Heading out the door he requested a picture with his little sister because he won't see her anymore. I quickly reminded him he was going to Kindergarten and not Military School, and that she lived in the same house. He kinda liked torturing her with his version better.

We arrived at School and he was excited to make new friends and play on the awesome playground.

But not before posing with Jamma and Sister while I snapped pictures and Daddy videotaped. Yes, we're those parents.

And there he goes... all independently and such. Made my eyes water but I was holding up good.

The bell rang and he lined up with his class. I went camera crazy again. And we followed quickly behind.

And we waited for is teacher to let us all into the classroom.

He quickly found his table with his name tag and sat down. Then his nervousness set in as he knew we were going to have to leave him.

He made silly faces at us... and waved to the camera a few times. But adjusted very quickly.

He started coloring and we decided to leave. He didn't cry or was sad... he was excited and ready to learn. I on the other hand was full of emotion. And his teacher handed us a poem before we left the room that totally made me lose it. Thanks lady! I was actually holding it together!

And so we were gone. I had to leave him there. I cried all the way home. And for about an hour afterward. Seriously, I was excited for him... but scared for me. I've had him to myself for 5 years and now I had to share him.

Daddy picked him up after school and I even got them driving back. See them there behind the tree? I was excited to hear all about his day...

He did end up crying his first day. He had PE and the teacher scared him. Haha. He forgot his lunch at lunchtime. And had to go back to his class to look for it. Took almost all lunch hour so he only got to eat half of it. And he made his first friend. SHE was a GIRL.

**Note** Since then he's switched teachers. There was an overload of first graders and not too many Kindergarteners this year... so his teacher along with another got bumped up to teach first grade. But I love his new teacher and so does he.


Anonymous said...

aww.his first day...heard about it like a week ago, but it's funny to read about it and actually see the pictures to go along with

what a big boy!lol


Jose said...

Awesome! And he looked so handsome, kindda like... his grandpa, yeah that's the ticket.

Crystal said...

UGH! I want to cry WITH you! =(

I remember when he was a little baby, standing by my bed, and screaming his head off.

Oh how time flies...

Betty Flocken said...

Hi Michelle, Your dad told me you'd blogged about Diego's first day of Kindergarten so I popped by for a visit. Love your post about his first day of school. You are about the age of my daughter with a very similar story. I really enjoyed your post. I'll be back for another visit.

Michelle said...

Becca - Crazy huh?

Daddy - Yes, and handsome like his Grandpapasito

Crystal - Seriously, me and Becca talked about the same thing. So weird.

Betty - Thanks! I am glad you came over! It was a sad but very great day!

Lisa said...

I love how you documented the whole morning!!

Chely said...

DITTO!!! I thoroughly enjoyed your naration of this exciting day.

Tell me, is he excited about homework yet???


Tia Chely

Michelle said...

Actually YES Tia! HE loves homework... and he also LOVES telling Alayna to bug off because he's doing homework and it's important. Oh but he'll learn to hate it soon....