The Queen: Michelle

The Queen: Michelle
I am 28 years old. Still a princess but the queen of my family. Spoiled beyond belief. Lucky and truely blessed. A lover. A crafter. A mother. A wife. A friend. This is me.

My King: Junior

My King: Junior
The LOVE of my life! He completes me and balances me out in every way. He's a workaholic. He's loud, blunt, and crazy. He drinks Monsters like his life depends on it. Above all he is the greatest Daddy I could ever ask for, for my children. And he treats me like his Queen (and he calls me that too).

The Model Child: Diego Ray

The Model Child: Diego Ray
9 years old. My only boy. He is the epitome of the perfect child. He is so responsible and independent. Wise beyond his years. He is laughter, he is love, he is compassion, he is simply amazing. He keeps me grounded and reminds me always that I am beautiful. He is a natural born leader and takes care of the household and family better than me!

The Diva: Alayna Danae

The Diva: Alayna Danae
7 years old. She is drama. My fashionista for sure with a style all her own. Sensitive and loving when she wants to be. Thumbsucker. My biggest headache because she is the most like me. She is the only one who can cause me to become uncontrollably angry. She loves to dance. She loves to model. My bookworm and most academic.

The Wild Child: Arielle Marie-Grace

The Wild Child: Arielle Marie-Grace
4 years old. This one is something else. She is pure comedy. Never a dull moment with her crazy antics. She is also the crybaby. She does things her own way. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to be cute to get it. My Disney loving pal. So girly. Her favorite color is pink. Loves Rapunzel. Will wear a dress every single day. Can't leave the house without a bow in her hair. She refuses.

The Munchkin: Atalie Belle

The Munchkin: Atalie Belle
2 years old. My sweet baby. She loves her Mommy above all else. She is a cuddlebug for sure. The calmest most well behaved baby ever! But she has TONS of energy. She is so small and petite. She loves to sing and dance. She so SO ready for ballet and has yet to even step foot in a class. She loves Minnie Mouse and watching Disney Jr. She is hilarious and talks way too much.
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My 26th Birthday Halloween Party

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday yet again with a Halloween Party. Woo!

My sister Nichole and my neice Laila

My baby Tal in the costume that both of my olders girls wore their first Halloween that belonged to my neice Brianna who wore it her first Halloween... and she is now 9. My Mom bought it and so I've kept it.

Junior the Mexican Situation and Kika the Sailor!

Matthew the Nerd

Felicia, Jr, and Me

Felicia, James, Kika, and Me

Felicia and James have been my friends since High School and they've been together that long!

With our babies... Atalie and Journey are 2 days apart!

Me, my Daddy, my cousin Alexis, my sister Nichole

Me and my Bestie Tiffany

They are the cutest ever! Her husband Kevin was the bee keeper!

She was a nice bee... no stinger! Just a sweet little bow! (But we know better!)

We're awesome.

Hot Stuff!

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me...

Happy Birthday dear Michelle... (from Loyiel)...

Happy Birthday to me!

Man what a great birthday weekend. I was spoiled beyond belief! Lots of gifts. Lots of cake. Lots of love. Lots of food.

And to top it off my aunt had my uncle make me some pozole and sent me a big huge pot. Seriously I have the most amazing family and friends ever. At first I was bummed because my Mom always made my birthday special... she bought me my outfits, she bought me the perfect gift, she took me to my favorite places, and she cooked me my favorite meal. And this year I wasn't without any of that. She left me in good hands because these people I love... love me just as much!

Gracias Tia Elena y Tio Alfredo por el pozolito! Los quiero mucho!

My 26th Birthday @ Westgate

Friday was my 26th birthday. For the most part it was a lazy day for me. Enjoyed the wonderful weather. Missed my Mom like crazy because I wasn't getting her pozole like every year since I turned 18. It's totally my favorite food ever. :(

But that night we went out to Westgate and boy was that fun!

We started off at Saddle Ranch because they make the best drinks.

Best Sister-in-law ever! Jen and Me!

Me and my good friend since High School Felicia!

Earlier in the week sometime when I wasn't aware my husband had called Jen and had asked her to make me a cake for my birthday... and she showed up to Saddle Ranch with this!

They love me they really love me!

My brother and his beer tower... solely for him...

The King and the Queen

Me and my aunt Kika

They made me take a shot called a blowjob... needless to say I couldn't fit it into my mouth.

After getting our drink on a while we headed over to McFaddens for a more party atmosphere...

He loves me entirely more than I deserve

And then we got kicked out of the bar... I will spare you the details but it wasn't our fault.

Oh well it was only an hour til closing anyway...

I still had a blast!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Day 9

Day 09 - Five Thing You Would You Like To See Change

1. The Economy
2. Joe Arpio as Sheriff
3. The price of gas
4. My weight (that involves work though :P)
5. A higher balance when I check my bank account!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's My Birthmonth!

I love October... it's the beginning of my favorite time of year. Not only is my birthday in October... but there's Halloween, Pumpkin Patches, Fall Clothes, Cooler Weather, Parties, Food, Lots of Family Time... I could really go on!

So I'll be 26 on the the 22nd. Holla!

My birthday lands on a friday so I have a weekend of fun planned. Yay! I really can't wait.

And just for fun (okay okay maybe not for fun but I found out my husband reads my blog now so...) I am posting my birthday wish list. It's actually my Holiday wish list. It's just a bunch of random things I want. Hint Hint Honey! ;)

Without further ado... in no particular order:

Macbook - I am currently without a laptop and I really need one for my work. It's hard to put together flyers and invites for my business when I don't have all right programs and a computer that works.

Makeup and a Makeup Case - I really want new makeup. I don't wear it much so I don't even know what I like anymore. I mean besides MAC. I get by with my Studio Fix, black eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. Also I have bought a few new things and now I need a real makeup case or bag to hold it all in. Jr and I saw some really cute sets at Walmart and when I went back to buy them they no longer had them. Boo!

Cardinals Jersey

Boots - I have always loved boots and every year I say I am going to buy them and never do. This will be my year for boots!
Forever 21 has cute Over the Knee boots. And for the western girl in me there's these! And how cute are these little things?!

Walmart has cute affordable boots too! Here, Here, and Here!

New Purse

Coach - I love these two... Here and Here.

Walmart - Again with the cute stuff at Wally World... I like this!

Clothes - Shopping Spree Please! I want a new coat and some skinny jeans. Among other things.

That's all I can think of right now! I pretty much want everything. But what's new?

30 Day Challenge - Day 8

Day 08 - Someone you think would make a good president

George Lopez

We need a Mexican president. He's funny. And he's real. He'd get my vote! Watcha!

Monday, October 4, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Day 7

Day 07 - Favorite cover of your favorite song

I have way too many favorite songs... so how about I switch it up a bit and give you my favorite covers? These are songs that even though I like to original... the cover is just even better! And I am gonna give you 3... because yes, I am that indecisive.

1. "Use Somebody" Original: Kings Of Leon Cover: Paramore
I love love love Hayley Williams voice. My goodness can that girl sing!

2. "Hallelujah" Original: Leonard Cohen Cover: Jeff Buckley
One of my most favorite songs... and definitely my most favorite version. I can listen to it forever!

3. "Hurt" Original: Nine Inch Nails Cover: Johnny Cash
Everyone might know this already as the biggest debate over which is better. I am here to say I love them both in their own ways. I do not listen to Nine Inch Nails and only first heard the song with Johnny Cash. If you know me then you know I am fascinated with Johnny Cash and his life. My favorite movie is Walk the Line y'all. So immediately I couldn't help but feel all the emotion in his version. But when I realized it was a cover... I found the NIN version. And I really really like it. Sometimes you can't tell it's the same song. Well I'll stop rambling... I've included both versions for your listening pleasure :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Day 6

Day 06 - Earliest thing you can remember

Sheesh I guess it has to be my 3rd birthday. I vaguely remember the house... our old house before moving to Arizona. I remember what I was wearing. The cake. My Pillow People that I got as gifts. When I was younger I though it was all like dreams or just something in my head. Until one day my Mom and I were looking at old pictures and I found one from that day and all of a sudden it clicked. That was my memory! I asked her and she told me it was my 3rd birthday. If I had a working scanner I would post a picture. I was so darn cute too.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Day 5

Day 05 - A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life

Dear Diego,

Of all the people I know and of all the situations I have faced in my 26 years of life... you are the person who has changed me the most. I can say it was me and take the credit but really... it was ALL you. I can say my Mom, who helped me grow into the person I am today, changed my life... but really she didn't. It has always been you.

At age 17 I was scared to find out about you. I had a flood of emotions run through me. Worry. How on earth would I be able to be a mother? I didn't even like kids! Sadness. I didn't feel like I was worthy enough at that age to have someone as precious as you. Afraid. Afraid that I would never be the kind of mother you deserved. But then ultimately excited. As you started to grow within me... suddenly I didn't feel so young anymore. I felt like I needed to step up and be whatever it was you needed me to be. And although I didn't know exactly what that entailed when you were born and I was just 18... I knew I had to just take things as they came.

And when you were born you comepletely changed me. My outlook on life was different. Everything was happy just because you were there by my side. Your smile made me smile. Your laugh made me happy. And although I still didn't know which direction my life was headed, all I knew was that you were the single best thing that ever happened to me.

The timing may not have been perfect... but who is perfect anyway? I learned that with you I made mistakes and I still continue to make them even 7 1/2 years later. There's no right and wrong way to parent you but I am learning as I go along. Learning that you changed me into the kind of person who lives for her children and all she wants is her childrens happiness.

Becoming a mother changed me.

Friday, October 1, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Day 4

Day 04 - What you imagine paradise to be like

I imagine paradise to be just somewhere where I am with the people I love the most and laughing. When my family and I get together it's nothing but non-stop laughing. Every time. So paradise would be like a family reunion. Oh and maybe someone giving me a pedicure too ;)