The Queen: Michelle

The Queen: Michelle
I am 28 years old. Still a princess but the queen of my family. Spoiled beyond belief. Lucky and truely blessed. A lover. A crafter. A mother. A wife. A friend. This is me.

My King: Junior

My King: Junior
The LOVE of my life! He completes me and balances me out in every way. He's a workaholic. He's loud, blunt, and crazy. He drinks Monsters like his life depends on it. Above all he is the greatest Daddy I could ever ask for, for my children. And he treats me like his Queen (and he calls me that too).

The Model Child: Diego Ray

The Model Child: Diego Ray
9 years old. My only boy. He is the epitome of the perfect child. He is so responsible and independent. Wise beyond his years. He is laughter, he is love, he is compassion, he is simply amazing. He keeps me grounded and reminds me always that I am beautiful. He is a natural born leader and takes care of the household and family better than me!

The Diva: Alayna Danae

The Diva: Alayna Danae
7 years old. She is drama. My fashionista for sure with a style all her own. Sensitive and loving when she wants to be. Thumbsucker. My biggest headache because she is the most like me. She is the only one who can cause me to become uncontrollably angry. She loves to dance. She loves to model. My bookworm and most academic.

The Wild Child: Arielle Marie-Grace

The Wild Child: Arielle Marie-Grace
4 years old. This one is something else. She is pure comedy. Never a dull moment with her crazy antics. She is also the crybaby. She does things her own way. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to be cute to get it. My Disney loving pal. So girly. Her favorite color is pink. Loves Rapunzel. Will wear a dress every single day. Can't leave the house without a bow in her hair. She refuses.

The Munchkin: Atalie Belle

The Munchkin: Atalie Belle
2 years old. My sweet baby. She loves her Mommy above all else. She is a cuddlebug for sure. The calmest most well behaved baby ever! But she has TONS of energy. She is so small and petite. She loves to sing and dance. She so SO ready for ballet and has yet to even step foot in a class. She loves Minnie Mouse and watching Disney Jr. She is hilarious and talks way too much.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fireproof Your Marriage

I take great pride in the fact that my husband and I can talk about everything! There is nothing we can't talk about and even though sometimes one of us starts closing up... we're very good about getting each other back on track and focused. Our motto is "We can only worry about us." We tell this to each other many many times. More often than not I am the one telling him this... but it goes both ways.

A lot of things can interfere with our relationship. But we know not to let this stuff get to us. I notice more and more that couples are divorcing and not staying together or people that have been together for years are splitting up as well and it makes me sad. The hustle and bustle of real life gets in the way and people grow apart. I get that. And sometimes its better. But I still feel sad.

I rented a movie almost 4 weeks ago. I had heard it was a great movie so not knowing AT ALL what it was about I rented it. Junior and I watched it together... and all I can say is it is one of the MOST powerful movies I have ever seen. This movie is called Fireproof.

I have to start by saying this is a Christian based film. But don't let that scare some of you. If you can get passed the extremely cheesy acting you'll be fine. We watched the whole thing even after seeing the first 5 minutes and thinking "Oh what bad acting... chessy lines... cheesy characters". And let me tell you after about 20 minutes I was in tears and cried the WHOLE way through. Now of course that's just me. I am a crier so don't think it's this big tear jearker either.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I highly recommend this movie to all you couples out there. Watch it will your partner and make it a date night. You won't regret it.

I won't tell you the premise of the movie because I don't want to give anything away. I am bad at that. All I will say is that it's about a Fire Fighter and his Wife.

This movie has changed my thinking and perspective even though it's quite along the lines of the movie. And this movie has strengthened the relationship I have with my husband.

If you want to experience what I am talking about... WATCH THIS MOVIE! Okay. Then tell me what you think.


Betty Flocken said...

LOL, I'll look into renting this MIchelle, You kind of sold me with Cheesy lines, and cheesy acting!!!
I'm glad your marriage is solid. Over thirty years I can tell you.. Sometimes the ring is tight, other times, It's a bit loose. You just have to get through the loose times.

Jose said...

Is this the movie you were asking me to watch?

Michelle said...

Betty - I agree. And I think Jr and I know that we can face tough challanges together. After all we lov e eachother right? All we need is love.

Daddy - Yes this is the movie. Rent it at redbox it'll only be $1.

Sandra said...

I have to agree this was the best movie I have ever seen. Our family belongs an awesome church so we have God in our lives and in our marriage but for those that don't or think you do but aren't sure this movie puts everything into perspective. Rent it buy it borrow it whatever just watch it with your spouse.